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Our Wire Carrier Shields reduce the Damage and Cost of Transporting Wire via Metal Wire Carriers!
Multiple Wire Carrier Shields
Multiple Wire Carrier Shields on Wire Carriers preparing for transport

A new plastic program developed by Carrier Plastics, reduces customer complaints and helps to identify shippers’ wire carriers. A " Carrier Shield" is a plastic slit tube that snaps onto the wire carrier’s tubular frame and helps to eliminate damage between the coiled wire finish and the metal wire carrier.
Wire Carrier Shields offer the following benefits, and cost savings to Wire Distributors, and Wire Manufacturers:
  • Wire Carrier Shields are tough slit poly tubes that are weatherproof and will not deteriorate during shipping.
  • Wire Carrier Shields are re-usable, and because they snap onto the tubular metal frame they are still attached when it is returned and then re-used.
  • Carrier Shields are available in any color and are provided with your company name printed along the length of the tube. This color-coding system helps in the return of the carriers to the shipper.
  • Our Wire Carrier Shields are available in 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-5/8" diameters and in any length.
  • Carrier Shields give maximum protection to the wire product by eliminating scratches that occur during transit.
  • Economical O.E.M. pricing. Hundreds of thousands of metal wire carriers are now protected throughout the United States with Carrier Shields.

Carrier's vast inventory of stock products complemented by our custom manufacturing allows us to satisfy any requirement. At, Carrier, we take extreme pride in our service and quality-just place your order, tell us your schedule and we'll deliver on-time....every time.

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