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MDS filled Nylon stock shapes

Experience the difference MDS filled Nylon can make. We offer over 17 stock shapes in a molybdenum disulfide filled nylon 6 base. MDS filled nylon combines excellent wear properties and lubricity to the versatile properties of nylon. Itís the perfect product for wear applications required by conveyor rails, elevator rails or anywhere that non-rust wear guides are needed.
Choose from our stock line or let us custom design to your own requirements:
  • Currently available in over 17 shapes
  • Off-the shelf for immediate delivery
  • Harder wear surface than standard nylons
  • High heat resistance
  • Available in stock coils or special cut lengths on request.
Please CLICK HERE to view the Stock Sizes available for immediate purchase.

Here are some major applications for our MDS filled Nylon Extrusions:

Conveyor guide rails, plastic J profiles, U profiles, nylon wear strips, nylon half round, extruded wear strips, nylon liners, plastic wear strips

Nylon conveyor guide rails, wear strips, nylon U profile, bar snap on, flat bar clip on, plastic liners, plastic profiles

Guide rails, side rails, flat bar snap on, plastic conveyor components, plastic half rounds, U channel, extruded plastic channels

Plastic conveyor guide rails, cap molding, half round snap on, nylon snap on wear strip, J profiles, plastic U profiles

Carrier Plastics, is a US company that specializes in high quality, engineered, non-metallic extrusions and wear components. MDS filled nylon wear strips are easy to install and offer superior protection for conveyor belting beds, side rails, and other moving machinery.

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